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The most important part of your digital armoury is your domain and website. Why? Because, as long as you keep paying the domain and server fees, you will own it forever and it will be the one address that never changes as social networks blaze in and out of fashion (remember myspace?).

Think of your website as your mothership. Within it you can house a blog, shop, live dates, audio tracks, video footage, press information, contact details and more. Your social networks are satellites all pointing back to your website – the central hub of your online presence.

Constantly driving traffic back to your website should be the focus of your marketing and promotional efforts. Through your website, you can sell your music, tickets, and merchandise directly to your fans, and gather valuable demographic and contact information.

Our expert web developers can build, host and maintain your website for you at an extremely affordable price, which includes a domain name, web hosting, the site build itself, and ongoing maintenance. Check out our subscription packages to find the best option for you.