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You should be getting some kind of reaction with your music. People should either be saying, “I love that!” or they should be saying, “That’s crap! Go away and don’t bother me again!” Whatever it is, you should be getting a reaction that you can read. If you’re getting a bit of a reaction but not enough of a reaction, then something has to be wrong. In a nutshell, either your material, your live performance, or your image (both online and offline) is lacking something, and for some reason people feel that they just can’t get behind you, either as a fan, or as a commercially viable proposition.

Of course, it could be that you’re making a certain style of music and promoting it in front of the wrong audience, whereas if you focused on the right demographic you may start to get some fans. You need to eliminate this possibility first. But, if you’ve addressed this issue and your music still doesn’t seem to be connecting, then you need to think again. To work out why, you will need to gather some really honest, constructive third-party feedback that’s not tainted by personal relationships or history.

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