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Need several services over the next few months? Having trouble paying upfront? Want an incentive for setting your goals and getting things done once and for all?

Set up a 6-monthly or 12-monthly retainer with our Members Bonus Scheme, and spread the cost of investing in your music career with regular, easy payments. Accumulated subscription credits can be redeemed for any of the products or services in our Shop when you are logged in to your account.

What’s more, when you join the Members Bonus Scheme you will receive a 10% discount on any services you purchase as long as you are a member! Provided you are logged in, your discount will be applied automatically when you add the MEMBER10 discount code at the checkout.

12 Month Bronze Membership Plan

12 Month Silver Membership Plan

6 Month Bronze Membership Plan

12 Month Platinum Membership Plan

12 Month Gold Membership Plan

6 Month Platinum Membership Plan

6 Month Gold Membership Plan

6 Month Silver Membership Plan